Home fragrances by Charlotte Spencer...


Trained as a holistic therapist and teacher, Charlotte’s passion for therapies and meditation was enriched during her time in the Middle East as Editor of a magazine with a focus on Mind, Body and Spirit.  Couple this with the local cultural practices of burning heady oud oils, shisha and spices you could say this is where her inspiration for candle and diffuser making was born. 


Charlotte also draws on her knowledge of science, herbalism and aromatherapy to make quality natural wax candles and reed diffusers made from the finest ingredients and most stunning aromas.  The products have a look of tinctures, tisanes and balms; things to relax and restore. 


All of the candles and diffusers are hand poured in her workshop in the Cotswolds using only botanical waxes and bases for a clean scent throw, blended with luxurious fragrances and oils to give you a 100% vegan product. 


Charlotte has a wonderful range of fruity fragrances from Pomology, floral scents from Botany and therapeutic throws from Apothecary.


The pharmacy jars are recyclable and are boxed in recycled card with wood wool.